E-Reading App Nu-book Releases Desktop Reader

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Quebec, September 17, 2013 — Nu-book, the leading North American provider of ereading applications for the publishing industry, today announced the release of the desktop version of its renowned ereading application. Publishers of all types can now offer their readers the opportunity to acquire their works and consult them—right from the comfort of their desktop computers.

The Nu-book Reader desktop app lets customers build a library of digital publications acquired from the My Nu-book platform. How does the Nu-book Reader differ from others on the market?

Readers can view both PDF- and epub-formatted files Ebooks/documents can be consulted offline. Readers don’t need to be connected to the Internet! What’s more: whether readers are offline or online, your ebooks/documents are secure and cannot be copied or shared.

Contrary to many providers that offer apps that are basically flipbooks of one book, with Nu-book Reader, you have access to your entire library of ebooks and documents.
Unlike other providers, readers will not have to go through a lengthy DRM account set up process—and publishers won’t need to acquire an expensive platform to offer desktop reading.

The Nu-book Reader app is compatible with Windows XP+, including Microsoft Surface Pro, and Mac OS X 10.7+.

Nu-book currently offers iOS and Android apps for tablets and smartphones, and now desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS computers. To test-drive the apps, visit: my.nu-book.com/download.aspx

Nu-book’s platform boasts rich ereading features, customized for each publishing client, and seamless means by which readers can acquire digital works. Nu-book remains steadfast in its belief that publishers should remain in control of their content, distribution strategy, and, in particular, the means with which their readers purchase their ebooks. Nu-book enables publishers to sell directly to their readers thanks to Nu-book’s tightly integrated mobile device apps and ebookstore—all of which can be tailored to publishers’ distinct requirements.

About Nu-book
Through its unique and innovative business model, Nu-book allows publishing houses to take control of their ebook ecosystem. Nu-book offers an effective and profitable solution for publishers who want to bring their front- and back-lists into the digital realm. The company also offers white label services. With over 40 years’ experience providing publishing and print production technology and services, Nu-book has a true, in-depth grasp on the book business. Its headquarters are located in Québec, Canada. For more information: www.nu-book.com.

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