Digital Publishing Start-up SL Ebooks to Turn Hollywood Scripts into Ebook Novellas

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Digital Startup to Turn Hollywood’s Best Unproduced Screenplays into eBook Bestsellers

SL eBooks, a digital book packager has given birth to the new literary genre for readers around the world. “We call it Script Lit, featuring eBook novellas adapted from Hollywood’s best unproduced screenplays”, said James West, CEO.  “We believe that a number of bestsellers could emerge from this new paradigm.”

The inaugural title, Mom of the Year, is being promoted on Goodreads and selling on  Amazon where it has garnered 5-star reviews. Written by Austin-based writer Denise  Pischinger, the story centers around Janie Parker, thirtysomething mother and wife, who finds herself in a fight with the school district’s pompous, reigning Class Mom for the coveted title, “Mom of the Year.”

SL eBooks has turned to Hollywood’s top managers and agencies to provide quality  content.  “There are so many wonderful scripts that are written that never get made into  movies, and this process of converting those high-potential, compelling scripts into  ebooks gives the material its chance to be read and enjoyed by a wide audience,” says  Zach Tann, a Literary manager and partner at Magnet Management, and early adopter of the concept.

Ambrose Fountain by Brian Sieve, the second of SL eBooks’ offerings, is a horror/thriller  novella that will be released in June, 2013. Other titles in development include The Enders, an epic apocalyptic tale, and Federales, a crime/drama.

Titles by SL eBooks are made available for purchase to the public through Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Readers can learn more about SL eBooks at as well as on the crowdfunding site,, where fans and  readers can follow the launch of the newest literary genre.

* Disclosure: Digital Book World editorial director Jeremy Greenfield is an advisor to SL eBooks.


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