Digital-Only Publishers Rising

Only in book publishing can a small concern made up of just a handful of people and a will to publish compete with the largest companies. Indie authors are showing the industry that an individual can compete, too.
The ebook era has flattened the playing field so much so that start-up digital-only publishers and indie authors routinely sell as many copies of their books as do some of the very largest publishers in the world. Well, “routinely” might be a stretch, but it’s happening.
Always looking for that next smart investment, publishers want to find a way to capitalize. Houses like Penguin, Simon & Schuster and others have been buying rights to books from indie authors. And, most recently, Macmillan formed a partnership with red-hot digital-only publisher Entangled Publishing, which has scored a number of best-sellers over the past six months.
The partnership will see Macmillan handling digital and print distribution for Entangled, the latter new to the start-up.

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  1. Greg Aden

    It doesn’t seem you provide any evidence or facts to actually back up the headline. I think this headline (though almost certainly true) is your personal presumption. Is this typical of your articles?



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