Digital Gifts for the Holidays

digital giftYou probably won’t find most of the hot new gifts this year under a tree – or anywhere physical for that matter. That’s because they’re digital.

More parents this year than last are buying their kids e-reading devices and three-quarters of parents with kids who read ebooks plan on spending money on digital content for them this holiday season.

We’re probably several holiday seasons away from digital content replacing big, oversized picture books and tween and teen series as the holiday reading gift du jour, but we’re closer now than ever.

More, including some of the most appealing options for parents.

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The rest of the day’s top news:


Speaking of Great Digital Books… (DBW)
The finalists for the Digital Book Awards have been announced. Random House, Yale University Press and many others made the cut. LeVar Burton is hosting the gala where the winners will be announced.


“Classic” Great Digital Books (DBW)
The children’s books classics have made the digital transition. We wouldn’t exactly call these “stocking stuffers” – “tablet treats” perhaps?


Vertical Publisher Goes Periodical for Marketing (DBW)
Vertical publisher Demos Health has launched a new content portal to double down on content marketing as a way to bring readers to its books.


Bill Penders Now President at Aptara (DBW)
Penders, a veteran senior executive who has spent time at RR Donnelley, will take over for Gev Ganesan at the big digital production house. Ganesan will chair Aptara’s advisory board.


Txtr Beagle Hits Market in Hungary for €30 (The Digital Reader)
Designed and marketed as an ultra-cheap e-reader that would be basically given away to consumers with a data contract, the Txtr Beagle never found a telecom suitor for its business plan. Until now.


Smashwords Updates Website (Good E Reader)
Smashwords hasn’t changed its look since 2008 when it launched. A slight face lift aims at helping readers discover new books more easily.


Amazon Improves Indie Author Payment Policies (Good E Reader)
Amazon has removed minimum dollar amounts for monthly payments so now authors who are making just dollars or pennies a month can still get paid. Related: How Much Do Indie Authors Get Paid?

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Amazon Creates New Tool for Writers (DBW)
Storybuilder is meant to help writers produce scripts for movies and TV shows.

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Rights Management: Path to Bottom Line Growth (DBW)
In a Digital Book World webcast today Ashley Mabbitt, assistant director, international rights at John Wiley and Sons, will present and answer questions about new rights opportunities arising in the digital age. Register.

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