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shutterstock_140657563Teachers, students, and parents expect digital media to advance educational material rather than simply embellish it.

Good news! Educational publishing is making excellent progress. To gain more insight into the current state of digital educational media, DBW connected with Ira Wolfman, president and chief consultant at POE Communications: Educational Content Development and Print-to-Digital Transformation.

Wolfman explains why it’s crucial to combine “multimedia with content in ways that really enhance the learning,” and he tells DBW which app turns an “appealing children’s magazine into a frequently refreshed, playful multimedia experience.”

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Ed Tech Company Desire2Learn Acquires LeaP (DBW)
Desire2Learn has acquired Knowillage Systems, Inc. and its adaptive learning tool LeaP. The company is keen to offer improved personalized education tools that should improve student outcomes.

E-Textbooks Depend on Tech Infrastructure (Daily News)

New York City public school students will only benefit from digital textbooks if their classrooms’ technology infrastructure has the necessary bandwidth.

Readium Foundation Announces New Member, Adobe (DBW)

Adobe Systems Incorporated is the newest member of the Readium Foundation. The partnership intends to facilitate a move from Adobe’s RMSDK, currently EPUB2-only, to EPUB 3 without compromising the existing DRM.

Silicon Publishing Launches Web-to-Print Tool (DBW)

Cloud Designer is the new online tool from Silicon Publishing, Inc. and Grafenia PLC that aims to give “printers, designers and entrepreneurs a brandable, easy-to-use, online design and editorial system.”

Wiley Reports 2014 Q1 Results (DBW)

John Wiley & Sons has announced Q1 results for fiscal year 2014. The release indicates that 52% of company revenue in the first quarter came from digital content and services, that’s up from 45% in 2013. Print book sales declined in both professional development and education segments.

Content Licensing Can Ease Publishers’ Digital Transition (Byte The Book)

The Publishers Licensing Society is a not-for-profit organization in the UK that represents publishers in rights management. The PLS also manages collective copyright licensing. Last year alone the organization distributed £33.5m to publishers from collective licensing.

E-Readers Bring Countless Books to Students in Kade, Ghana (The Guardian)
The not-for-profit organization provided students in both primary and high school with e-readers nearly three years ago, making it easier for kids to access books, read more, and read well.

Striking Commentary on Amazon’s MatchBook (Book Riot)

Riffing off Amazon’s fire-laden terminology, Preeti Chhibber imagines a letter from Jeff Bezos, announcing MatchBook, to the company’s customers.

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