Digital Asset Management and Digital Asset Distribution: Two Distinct Functions With Different Best Practices

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Digital Asset Management and Digital Asset Distribution:
Two Distinct Functions with Different Best Practices

Find Solutions at Digital Book World Marketing + Publishing Services Conference & Expo

August 20, 2013 – NEW YORK – Publishers seeking new ways to monetize their rich banks of content are often challenged during the execution process by outdated or non-existent archiving systems. Different versions of files including metadata, art and covers, and other valuable content assets all sit on separate computers, in emails, or on servers rather than a central, organized repository. The upcoming Digital Book World Marketing + Publishing Services Expo on September 26 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City will offer strategies and solutions for the critical – and distinctly different Digital Asset Management and Digital Asset Distribution functions. Programs and sponsors will clearly define these practices and guide publishers towards solutions that will help them harness the assets they have and facilitate communication and production workflow. Learn more at


Confusion easily arises when publishers use a Digital Asset Distribution system for the Digital Asset Management function, probably tempted to do so because their company doesn’t have a working archive or system – a DAM – in place to manage all of their various digital assets. As a result, publishers send finished final files to their Digital Asset Distribution system and that becomes, by default, the only central place where the files live. That can work as long as nobody needs access to the discrete items that comprise the final product. It invites nothing but frustration for someone looking to repurpose content.


A robust Digital Asset Management system, on the other hand, is used throughout the editorial and production process and enables publishers to tag and store their content and other digital assets for easy identification and retrieval and for flexible reuse down the line. For example, a cookbook publisher that has all of their recipes and photos stored as discrete files/items in a Digital Asset Management System could easily find all of the “lobster” recipes for a quick special edition ebook to promote during the Maine Lobster Festival.


Two of the three mini-conferences that make up the Publishing Service Conference + Expo delve into the why and how of organizing and storing digital data:



This 75-minute session will be chaired and moderated by production workflow expert Bill Kasdorf of Apex . It will address how every day, publishers and publishing service providers are developing better, cheaper, faster, and more versatile ways to get from conception and acquisition to books, ebooks, apps, and web display of new and traditional book content. From print and PDF file conversion to digital-first and XML- based product creation, from collaborative development and digital editing processes to flexible and extensible asset management, from traditional bound and printed books to agile publishing and on-the-fly product creation—there is a wide range of complexity to the products publishers create and equally wide range of possibilities to get the work done.

Companies such as Aptara, Virtusales, and Cameo will be on hand to answer questions during the “speed dating” session after the program.  Editors, managing editors, production staff, agents, and anyone else looking to build or improve their editorial development processes, production workflows, and digital asset management systems can all benefit from the content presented in this session.



As it evolves, the retail environment for ebooks has become increasingly complex. Even the biggest publishers usually rely on an outsourced service provider to push ebook files and metadata out into the market and maintain them through the life of their products.  Whether a publisher has a long-standing relationship with a Digital Asset Distribution partner or is still managing the ebook retail channel “by hand,” this 75-minute session, chaired and moderated by industry distribution expert Ted Hill of THA Consulting, will help professionals get the most out of their current business partners and prepare for the future.  The presenters, all experienced working the digital marketplace, will focus on what makes a successful publisher-distributor relationship, as well as the challenges of distributing various forms of content to a global marketplace.


Ingram and LibreDigital are two of the service suppliers who will offer advice and direction during the speed dating segment of this mini-conference. This session is targeted towards executives who want to understand the capabilities of the different Digital Asset Distribution service providers as well as publishing professionals in production, sales, and digital operations who want to be sure they are taking full advantage of their current service.


The Marketing + Publishing Services Conference & Expo presented jointly by Digital Book World and Publishers Launch Conferences, consists of two separate events. The Marketing Conference, programmed by Digital Marketing Expert Peter McCarthy formerly of Random House, is a full-day event offering a comprehensive strategy and proven blueprint for book marketing in the digital age. The Publishing Services Expo offers three finely-targeted “mini-conferences” for critical and often-overlooked publishing constituencies. The list of topics including Editorial Workflow and Production and Digital Asset Distribution will be rounded out by a session on Rights and Royalties Management. Each includes an efficiently programmed two-and-half-hour session that pairs expert educational sessions with vendor ‘speed dating’ to explore, and deploy, new solutions. The Publishing Services Expo program is carefully priced to allow companies to choose multiple representatives to participate in the full-day event; or attend one or two of the three Services tracks best suited to their current strategy and business needs.

For full information and to register for the Marketing + Publishing Services Expo, visit the website at

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