Crowdsourcing the Next Best-Seller

crowdsourcingThe agents, publishers and, perhaps most importantly, readers have become aware of the impact that the rise of self-publishing has had on the books we buy and read.

In some cases, agents and publishers have found ways to harness this rising power in publishing. In other cases, self-publishing has very much disrupted the traditional publishing ecosystem.

One innovative way publishers are getting in on the act is crowdsourcing new titles. Canadian romance publisher Harlequin has held a series of writing contests, one in partnership with Canadian “YouTube for ebooks” Wattpad and offered the winners book contracts.

If you can’t beat ‘em, host a contest for ‘em and then give ‘em a book deal.

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According to the latest data from Pew, Americans still value libraries very highly as a vital part of their communities – but just a little bit less than before.


When New Best-Sellers Only Cost $2.00 (Forbes)
Remember when you had to spend $30 to get the latest new releases the minute it came out? Well, no more. Now you can get them for as little as $2.00 or $3.00 if you’re in the right place at the right time. So, what does this mean for authors and publishers?


Tablets Upending E-Readers For the Holidays (Bloomberg)
The tablet computer is muscling out all its competitors this holiday season among consumers and retailers – and that includes e-readers.


Digital Only Publishing Blooms in Mexican Ebook Desert (DBW)
The ebook market in Mexico represents about 3% to 5% of publisher revenues. Yet, an intrepid enhanced-ebook-only publisher has sprung up in the country and sees a bright future ahead.


Creating Content for Plugged in, Connected and Networked Kids (DBW)
Kids: We’d like to think they’re just like us, but smaller. Unfortunately, that’s not true. These days, they’re all digital natives – and that means the rules for kids publishing have changed dramatically. Learn more.


Ebook Workflow, Your Questions Answered (DBW)
With most if not all publishers now producing ebooks, editorial and production workflows have changed. Enter a DBW webcast on the topic. There were so many questions from the audience after the presentation, that we took the leftovers and answered them in this blog post. Listen to the original webcast here.


New App to Simplify Ebook Conversion (DBW)
Vellum is a new Apple app from former Pixar folks that promises to help authors and publishers make better ebooks – and make making them easier, too.


Is There a Future in Ebook Personalization? (Beyond the Book)
Digital Book World and the Copyright Clearance Center discuss all things ebook personalization in this webcast.


Books Publishing Is Not Like Music (Variety)
From the perspective of outsiders and investors, it might seem that the book publishing industry is going the way of the music publishing industry; that is to say, the way of the dodo. Not so, says HarperCollins CEO Brian Murray.


Amazon and Its Biggest Detractor (NYT)
A small but vocal group of investment analysts have consistently hammered Amazon about its lack of profits and think the company doesn’t really have much of a long-term plan – just operational issues. But when it comes to predicting Amazon’s stock’s performance, they’ve consistently been wrong.


Barnes & Noble Chairman Sells Shares, Price Falls (Pub Lunch)
Barnes & Noble founder and chairman Len Riggio sold about two million shares of his stake, still leaving him with over a quarter of the shares in the company. As a result, B&N share price fell.


Couldn’t Have Said It Better (Pub Lunch)
The folks at Publishers Lunch (Digital Book World 2014 partners) couldn’t be more excited about DBW 2014. They outline some of the biggest speakers and trends from the upcoming conference. Also, they highlight this important fact: The last round of discounted pricing ends tomorrow, so step right up!


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