CPR for Nook

emergency roomJudging by Barnes & Noble’s holiday quarter, in which the company sold fewer Nook devices than it did in the previous year while all its competitors made gains, Nook is on life support.
The emergency room team at Barnes & Noble is currently going to extreme lengths to resuscitate the patient: B&N has effectively cut out its own app development program, transplanting it with the much more robust Google Play ecosystem; and the company has been trying to shock the patient awake with discounts, specials and sales on Nook devices and content.
It remains to be seen whether the moves will revive the Nook business. One thing is for sure: If you want a great deal on a nice piece of hardware (newly liberated from the B&N app ecosystem), you can get a Nook HD tablet starting at $149 – just in time for Mother’s Day.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Sourcebooks’ Library Experiment (Library Journal)
Naperville, Ill.-based publisher Sourcebooks is engaging in an experiment with library ebook vendor OverDrive and librarians worldwide to settle the question once and for all: Do libraries help or hurt book sales? Despite insistence on the part of libraries that it helps, publishers may not be convinced. Related: Sourcebooks CEO Dominique Raccah Values Data Over Gut Instincts.

Pearson Appoints Company Insider as Author Solutions CEO (DBW)
Kevin Weiss is out and former Penguin International CEO Andrew Phillips is in. Weiss is leaving after about a year running ASI under Pearson ownership and will announce a new position this week.
Women in Book Publishing: Cocktail Party, Panel Discussion (DBW)
Join Digital Book World, Workman Publishing and the Association of American Publishers’ Young to Publishing Group for networking, cocktails and a panel discussion on career opportunities, challenges and advice for women in book publishing. Panelists include senior-level executives from Scholastic, Hachette, F+W Media and HarperCollins. Space is extremely limited; register today!
Ebooks in Singapore (Pub Perspectives)
For local book publishers competing with foreign giants, publishing in Singapore can be cutthroat. But ebooks are a bright spot, with one publisher reporting month-over-month increases in ebook revenues for a year-and-a-half straight and another launching a local self-publishing service. 
Amazon Slam-Job in Germany a Fake (The Digital Reader)
Amazon saw a wave of bad press when a documentary commissioned by a local television station showed local Amazon workers suffering horrible working and living conditions. Turns out, many of the details of the documentary were simply made up. At the risk of editorializing, the television station involved should retract the documentary and issue an apology to Amazon and other affected parties. As of press time, this has not yet happened.
Amazon Launches App Store in China (The Digital Reader)
It could signal that Amazon is just about ready to start selling the Kindle Fire in the huge Asian market.
Free Ebooks for Cinco de Mayo (Mediabistro)
One day late but still worth a click: Free ebooks about Mexico.
Why We Buy the Books We Do (Bookriot)
Five reasons why you’re reading the book you’re reading.

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