Children Reading Digitally


At school and at home more and more kids are reading digitally.

Of the parents who read with their younger children nightly, nearly twenty five percent prefer ebooks over print titles, according to study results from Harris Interactive. In her latest Expert Publishing Blog post, Beth Bacon, VP of Content Management at Booktrope, shares more of the study’s findings.

And Back to School in an E-reading World, the latest report from DBW and Play Collective, shows that one-third of students who are reading digitally are reading ebooks in the classroom.

Carly Shuler, a researcher and developer in the children’s media, took a close look at that report’s findings during yesterday’s DBW webcast and noted that, “The number of kids reading ebooks in the classroom is expected to rise.”

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The rest of the day’s top news:

No Buyer for Nook (PaidContent)
At this week’s shareholders meeting Barnes & Noble acknowledged the need for a new e-reader strategy and talked about why the Nook side of the business wasn’t sold.

Amazon Changes Its Strategy in Connecticut (Shelf Awareness)
The company has withdrawn a request for tax abatement in Connecticut but is moving ahead with plans to build a distribution center there.

RUP Teams with McIntosh & Otis on Ebook Rights (DBW)
Rutgers University Press has partnered with the McIntosh & Otis literary agency on subsidiary rights, including ebook rights. “The agency has…more than proved its chops in the university press sector through its agreements with the Louisiana University Press and the University of Nebraska Press,” said Marlie Wasserman, Director of RUP.

Smashwords Launches Series Discovery Tool (DBW)
The new Series Manager tool from Smashwords allows authors to attach titles to one or more series. This metadata will then be shared with retailers and could help ebooks be discovered by interested readers.

Kaplan EdTech Introduces 10 Startups to Investors (DBW)
In preparation for continued growth in the digital educational space, the company presented startups to investors—startups like Mathify, which aims to reinvent the digital textbook with interactivity.

CCC Joins Gold Open Access Infrastructure (DBW)
The UK-based program will now involve the Copyright Clearance Center in discussions regarding “technical infrastructure challenges…and metadata supporting open access academic journal publishing.”

IHS Announces New Ebook Partnerships (DBW)
Knowledge Collections from IHS makes ebook and other digital content from McGraw-Hill, Wiley, Maney Publishing and others available to engineers via a single platform.

Why Are Ebook Start-ups Dominated by Men? (DBW)
Eighty percent of employees working for publishers are women. Which got one commentator wondering, why are start-ups in publishing so dominated by men? Your comments are welcome.

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