CHEF PAD – Addressing the Cooking Vertical?

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Chef Pad 38ensoLast week, tablet maker Archos announced the ChefPad, a tablet designed specifically for Foodies. The tablet curates apps so that only Cooking ones come up. It has a waterproof protective cover, built-in stand and front & back dual cameras.

There have been quite a few articles about it. Two of the better descriptions are from CNET and Nate Hoffieder’s excellent review at The Digital Reader.

As far as I know, there has never been a tablet dedicated to Cooking.

Will it succeed? Will this expand the demand for digital cookbook content? Cookbooks have not had as quick a transition to digital as other subjects, but there is a ton of related content.

Five considerations Chef Pad will need to get cooking and succeed in the marketplace:

  1. Distribution – How available it is? I could not find it on,, or specialty-cooking retailers such as Williams-Sonoma. Although it might be sold direct from their web-site, having it sold in these important retailers is imperative.
  2. On Sale Date – There is no official on-sale date. I emailed Archos and asked when it would be on-sale in the USA and Europe. They replied, “the Chef Pad was only just announced yesterday. No ETA or release date has been set at this time.” Ideally it would be out for the Holiday gift-giving season. But that would mean it should be listed now.
  3. Curation of Digital Assets – How are they determining what apps and eBooks will be presented? Will it be built according to my interests? This part is very important. For if the search is not better than what I currently do, why switch? What added value (time saving, cool new cooking sites, special deals, exclusives) does this device provide?
  4. Content & Search— Cooking shows? eBooks? Apps? Websites? There is a vast amount of content available. What will they focus on? Will there be opportunities for promoting items? Will there be a sponsor?
  5. Protective Skin and Stand – This is a good idea. But one that is easily duplicated.  Plus, many of the existing protective cases have stands.  So although this is a necessity, it is not that unique.

Cooking is a huge category and can carry much higher price points. Recently, Nathan Myhrvold had a best-selling $600 cookbook called The Modernist Cuisine and it sold over 30,000 physical units.  Celebrity cookbooks routinely top the best-sellers list.

If done properly, a dedicated device to all things culinary can be a catalyst to bringing more cooking digital content to the consumers.

The Cookbook category has so many opportunities. But is the Chef Pad the one to seize it?


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