Changing Book PR Landscape

idealoadingThe current book retail and media landscape make organizing public relations efforts for books is completely different today than it was a decade ago.

Promotional cycles, the effect of traditional modes of advertising and the shifting digital publishing landscape have all contributed. But, in a way, as things change they also stay the same.

Book promoters still need to understand the audiences they’re trying to reach and where those audiences spend their time. A well-crafted and well-timed message received by the right person is still key to effective PR.

But most authors and publishers don’t take the time to do the basics, one book marketing expert says. More (video).

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The rest of the day’s top news:


Harpers Slams Amazon in Book Review (Harpers)
This clever take on The Everything Store, the narrative non-fiction tale of Amazon’s rise by business reporter Brad Stone, is worth a read no matter how you feel about Amazon.

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Kindle on Layaway (The Digital Reader)
You can now buy that new Kindle Fire HDX that you wanted with four (easy!) payments over nine months.


Indie Bookstore Hope (WashPo)
A blowback against increasingly digital lifestyles and the resilience of the bricks-and-mortar retail shopping experience may be helping to boost indie bookstores.


Ebook Sales Growth Taper Gives Booksellers Hope (NYT)
Publishers and booksellers alike think that ebook growth has leveled and this is giving them hope that sales gains made this year are more than just a temporary renaissance.


The Big Budget Book Trailer (DBW)
Penguin Random House gets the stars to come out for its latest book trailer, including James Franco.


What Readers Want (Pub Perspectives)
What ebooks are today isn’t necessarily what they will be in the future. Hear Corey Pressman and Peter Myers talk about what readers want and how publishers can deliver.


Aquafadas Works on End-to-End Publishing Services in Japan (Good E Reader)
Aquafadas, a digital development house based in France and acquired by Kobo, has launched a program to provide a wide range of integrated publisher services to publishers in Japan.


Investing in Rights Management Systems to Grow Revenue (DBW)
The number of opportunities to monetize book rights is rising rapidly in the digital and global age that we live in, yet the average revenue from each deal is falling – so efficiency is key.


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