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I wanted to let you know about a small change to the methodology of how we create the Digital Book World Ebook Bestseller List. Since the list was first started last summer, it has been published on Monday. As a result, the data that was combined to create each week’s list ran from Saturday to the following Friday so that it could be tallied on Saturday and readied for publication before Monday morning. One of the concerns we had with this schedule was that new books generally release on Tuesdays and as a result, only got four days of ‘sales credit’ in their first week. As a result, we’ve seen some new books that didn’t rank as highly as they might have otherwise.

So after months of quiet cajoling, I finally convinced DBW to shift the list to Tuesday, which allows us to shift our own schedule forward a day. We now tally each week’s data from Sunday to Saturday, giving new release five days, which makes a tangible difference in getting deserving new titles on the bestseller list in their first week. When we first started to publish this list, we promised that we would adjust the methodology as we felt was needed to keep improving its accuracy and value. This is the first such improvement, but we have at least one more big one planned that we hope to announce in the next few weeks.

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Dan Lubart is a technology strategist and data junkie who founded Iobyte Solutions in 2000 following a previous decade of solo consulting. Dan currently works with HarperCollins as S.V.P. of Pricing and Sales Analytics while concurrently managing Iobyte and the eBook MarketView service providing retail data and analytics on both physical and ebooks. Still fairly new to the publishing industry, Dan has been involved with digital disruption in the past, spending a year at Universal Music Group right around the time Napster was rearing its head and now focuses mainly on the familiar challenges and opportunities of the eBook marketplace. With Iobyte, Dan also developed a very cool consumer learning site for Scholastic, and has consulted with major clients in banking, pharmaceuticals, retail and media. Follow him at his website and on Twitter.


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