Carrefour to Debut New Preloaded E-Readers

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Massy, 10 October 2013
Carrefour’s bookshops get an e-reader and “Nolim” – a range of digital titles

Starting 14 October, Carrefour’s bookshops are going to be expanding their range with “Nolim”: an e-reader with a preloaded library of 100 titles, a digital platform with more than 100,000 books available for download and a new dedicated sales area in 230 of its stores. “Nolim” will complement the 13,000 book titles already available in Carrefour’s stores.

Nolim by Carrefour, an e-reader range
The Nolim digital package is available in 2 e-reader models: the “NolimBook” and the “NolimBook+”. Both will be available from 14 October in 215 Carrefour hypermarkets and 15 supermarkets, as well as online at Designed to complement the group’s range of traditional titles, the “NolimBook” will retail from €69.90, while the “NolimBook+” with its backlit screen will be available for €99.90. Featuring technology developed in France, Carrefour’s e-readers have been designed in partnership with Bookeen, a French company with acknowledged expertise in this field. Nolim is interoperable: you can read continuously on any device: not just your e-reader, but also on a PC, a tablet computer and – soon – on a smartphone.

Nolim by Carrefour, a preloaded library
From the moment you buy it, you’ll have access to around 100 titles, already loaded onto your e-reader. The platform will give you direct access to a catalogue of more than 100,000 titles in French – 1500 of which can be downloaded for free. Thanks to partnerships that Carrefour has entered into with a number of major French publishers, features a wide range of authors. Each week, will provide you with a personalised selection of recommendations based on readers’ tastes. You’ll also get information about new titles and bestsellers.

A new dedicated sales area in 230 Carrefour stores
Nolim e-readers will be on sale in stores in brand-new dedicated sales areas ranging from 10 to 20 m² in the book store section. Customers can find out about the new e-readers and try them out – as well as the preloaded library and the platform. Advisers will be on-hand in the stores to talk to customers about this new range. An after-sales service is also being set up, together with a dedicated telephone support service.

Carrefour bookstores in a few figures
– Included in 215 Carrefour hypermarkets;
– Average sales area of 200 m²;
– 11 million books sold each year;
– Up to 13,000 titles on sale;
– 1300 books by regional authors;
– 5000 new titles every year.

About Carrefour France
Carrefour has over 4500 stores in France operating in 4 formats (hypermarket, supermarket, convenience and cash & carry). For 50 years, Carrefour has been a partner in the daily lives of millions of customers, offering them a wide range of products and services at the lowest prices. In all its activities Carrefour embraces its economic, social and environmental responsibilities, and is committed to the quality of its products and its customers’ satisfaction.

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