Building Social Media Communities for Book Publishers and Authors

Social media is no longer a job for your smart, young intern: it’s a big and growing part of business. So Digital Book World brought in the experts to talk about it, specifically, professional advice about building social media communities for book publishers and authors.

The No-BS Approach to Building Engaged Communities with Social Media, a DBW2013 pre-conference workshop with Rebecca Joines Schinsky of Book Riot and Eric Smith of Quirk Books, offered these seven strategies:

— Think about engagement rather than selling.

Engagement = Dollars (in the long run)

— Select the right platform for the author and book because engaged consumers become part of the marketing for a book.

A couple of book-specific social networks that might be good places start: Goodreads and LibraryThing.

— Develop and manage your voice.

“Social media content should be voiced well — it’s an editorial and writing task,” said Schinsky. Your author’s social media voice is a persona. There’s no need to overshare, for instance, if that doesn’t fit within your persona.

— Understand social media etiquette.

Remain a person. If it’s a behavior or selling technique that you wouldn’t do face-to-face at a cocktail party, don’t do it over social media.

— Use your social media ninja took kit.

Always remember that Facebook is most interested in Facebook; you’ll simply need to change your strategy to accommodate what that platform affords you to get engagement.

Notice what time which sorts of content gets good engagement from your unique community and use saved Twitter searches to find and respond to interested readers.

— Set goals and measure outcomes.

Measure community growth and page views. Focus on developing returning readers rather than anticipating a one-to-one ROI between growth in your social media audience and book sales.

Outcomes comprise converting social followers into readers. So be sure to keep track of what content does this on each social media channel.

— Incorporating social media into your office culture.

Give your team the leeway to share their own individual social media personas during and beyond work because individual publicists and publishing folks can, in fact, have an impressive influence on book marketing via social media.

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  1. Dan Grubb

    A very interesting and informative article, thank you.

    As a small publisher, less than a year old, advice like this is invaluable and, if I may have your permission, I would like to add your site to our resources pages.

    Thanks again,

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