British Media Personality Melanie Phillips Launches Own Ebook Company

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Britain’s Most High-Profile Columnist, Broadcaster and Author Launches Melanie Phillips Electric Media: EM


For more than three decades, Melanie Phillips has served as Britain’s political conscience. Followed by members of the Royal Family as well as by homemakers, ubiquitous on radio and television as well as in the print media, Melanie Phillips is widely regarded as an indispensable force for good in the battle to restore western civilization.

“Speaking truth to power, standing up for the little guy and giving voice to those on the decent, commonsense, middle ground who find themselves marginalized by the gatekeepers of public discourse. That’s the mission of my new company”
Melanie Phillips’s relationship with her millions of followers has always been conducted through traditional media outlets such as the BBC, the Daily Mail and the Guardian. On May 5, she announced during a live television interview on C-SPAN’s Book TV that she would additionally be reaching out beyond broadcasting and the world of print to connect directly with her many supporters.

Melanie Phillips Electric Media LLC is Melanie’s new media company. Its ebooks division, emBooks LLC, will be publishing e-books across a range of devices. All emBooks provide quality reading entertainment, lavishly illustrated and focused on the moral and political issues of today.

The first five emBooks are available today for immediate download. They include Melanie’s long-awaited memoir, GUARDIAN ANGEL: My Story, My Britain, which charts her journey from darling of the left to champion of the true center ground.

The other emBooks published today are:

DECODING YOUR 21ST CENTURY DAUGHTER: The Anxious Parent’s Guide to Raising a Teenage Girl, by Helen Wright
DIANA’S BABY: Kate, William and the Repair of a Broken Family, by Angela Levin
SNAP: Has Brain Research Reached its Breaking Point?, by James Le Fanu
J ROBERT OPPENHEIMER, FOR EXAMPLE: the Drama of the Eternal Outsider, by Frederic Raphael
Each book includes an introduction by Melanie Phillips. Among other well-known authors on the emBooks list are David Berlinski, Douglas Murray, John Ware, Joshua Rozenberg and Canon Andrew White, the vicar of Baghdad. New emBooks will be released later this year.

All emBooks can be purchased and read at as well as on the new emBooks app for iPad and iPhone. Visitors to the emBooks website can watch a video interview with Melanie Phillips in which she talks candidly about her memoir. There is also a gripping guest interview with Richard Bean, author of the Broadway and National Theatre smash hit comedy, One Man, Two Guvnors.

The emBooks executive team

Melanie Phillips, publisher, editor-in-chief and co-founder. As a columnist on the Daily Mail, a regular panelist on the BBC’s Moral Maze and Question Time debates and as a former news editor of the Guardian, Melanie helps shape the news agenda and has an audience of millions. Her previous books include Londonistan, The World Turned Upside Down, All Must Have Prizes, The Ascent of Woman and Doctors’ Dilemmas.

Elliot Balaban, CEO and co-founder. Chairman of BMM Worldwide, Elliot was previously president of Broadscape Venture Management, a boutique management consultancy whose clients included GE Capital and NASDAQ. Before that, he was Director of Advanced Development at GE-NBC, where he evaluated and helped negotiate GE’s digital media investments worldwide, including GE’s deal with Microsoft to launch the cable channel and website MSNBC. Elliot has also developed online consumer entertainment businesses for Time Warner, Viacom and IBM.

Suzanne Balaban, associate publisher and co-founder. Suzanne was VP and director of publicity for Scribner, a division of Simon & Schuster Publishers Inc. She worked with Stephen King, Frank McCourt and Annie Proulx when Scribner had its largest number of titles on the NYT bestseller list. A graduate of the BBC news training scheme, she was part of the team that was awarded the 1996 TRIC award for her work on the UK Channel 4 Big Breakfast show.

Joshua Rozenberg, director and co-founder. Joshua is the UK’s best-known commentator on the law. In 2012, he was included by The Times in its independently-judged list of the UK’s 100 most influential lawyers. He presents the BBC’s Law in Action and writes a column for the Guardian.

Peggy Sharpe, CFO. Peggy was CFO of Open Road Integrated Media and The Progressive Book Club. She was previously a VP at Scholastic.


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