Boston Globe Publishes New Ebook, Capitalizing on Growth of Ebooks

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Groundbreaking Boston Globe Series on Life Inside a Boston Neighborhood Published as E-Book
Boston Globe Series on Life Inside a Boston Neighborhood Published as E-Book.
The Boston Globe
“68 Blocks” series provides a unique, narrative depiction of Dorchester’s Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood; now accessible in dynamic new format

The Boston Globe’s “68 Blocks” series influenced readers’ perspectives on an important Boston neighborhood, as well as how journalism can be expressed digitally. Now, for the first time, the series that documented life in Bowdoin-Geneva over the course of a year is available as a single compilation in e-book form.

In the kind of project rarely undertaken by a regional newspaper anywhere in the country, journalists gained unprecedented access to gang-involved teens, families of murder victims, police officers and community leaders working with at-risk youth during a year-long immersion.

The new e-book encompasses the full scope of the project’s print and online elements in one digital package: the incredible writing, memorable photographs, and innovative digital journalism techniques.

The e-book also includes digital content created and submitted by Bowdoin-Geneva residents. These photos, videos and audio clips express the spirit of the community, as experienced by those who live there.

“This e-book gives us the opportunity to share innovative and powerful content with an even broader audience,” Boston Globe Deputy Managing Editor of Local News Jennifer Peter said. “Readers can delve into the in-depth series in a new way, with all of its diverse multimedia elements at their fingertips in one digital format.”

“68 Blocks” is available for purchase for $2.99 on Amazon, iTunes and Barnes & Noble. Subscribers can also download the e-book for free on

As the popularity of e-books continues to grow (adult e-book sales were up 31 percent in September, according to Digital Book World), this is the latest in a number of e-book initiatives at the Globe. “JOHN F. KERRY: The Boston Globe Biography,” originally published in 2004, was recently released as an easily accessible e-book for the first time in conjunction with Kerry’s ascension to Secretary of State. And, “WHITEY BULGER: America’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt that Brought Him to Justice,” the new bio of the infamous Boston criminal by the investigative reporters who covered him most, just launched in both hardcover and e-book form.

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