BookShout Connects Facebook Users to Bookstore With New Functionality

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BookShout! Brings Book Preview and Discovery to Facebook
Millions of People on Facebook Can Now Preview Bestselling Books and Discover Their Friends’ Favorite Books through BookShout!

Responding to growing interest from people on Facebook to share reading experiences, BookShout! today announced new integration that allows Facebook members to see all the books their friends like and to preview them with one simple click. People on Facebook can sample any book available in BookShout!’s extensive store via a socially-connected “look inside” feature on Facebook. Facebook members can also see all of their friends’ favorite books, regardless of the store or service in which it originated by connecting from a friend’s post in the News Feed or visiting

With Facebook’s new book features, people can share books they have read, are reading, or would like to read. This information can seamlessly be imported into the BookShout! reading platform for easy browsing and sharing. Books read within BookShout! are shared back to a person’s Facebook account so their friends can discover new reads and preview new books.

“Everyone agrees that the best and most trusted book recommendations come from friends,” said John Ingram, Chairman and CEO of the Ingram Content Group. “BookShout!’s new tools allow the discovery process to be more social and seamless. Instead of combing the whole Internet or even a physical store, users can now login, see all their friends’ favorite books and preview them.”

BookShout!’s integration with Facebook comes on the heels of Amazon’s effort to tie Goodreads into the Kindle. However, unlike Amazon, BookShout! offers an open ecosystem that features thousands of publishers on a single platform and is integrated with Facebook, the world’s most powerful social media site.

“We’re fortunate to have great visionary partners, including technology leaders like Facebook and major publishers who are seeking new ways to engage with readers,” said Jason Illian, CEO of BookShout! “Integrating book discovery and sharing with Facebook not only adds value for readers, but also delivers new sales channels for publishers and authors.”

“The ability to preview a book right from a friend’s News Feed is phenomenal,” said Joe Wikert, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Olive Software and former General Manager and Chair of Tools of Change. “More importantly, BookShout! is the first to make discovering new books from your Facebook friends easy and cool.”

BookShout!’s Facebook integration is available today on the web, and will be coming to Android and iOS soon. For more information on partnering with BookShout!, please contact:

About BookShout!

BookShout! is a next generation retailer and reading platform. With an open ecosystem that allows authors and publishers to stay connected to the end reader, BookShout! helps build audiences around great books. Based in Dallas, Texas, BookShout! focuses on special and direct sales, promotional and marketing campaigns, and empowering author and corporate platforms with new discoverability and sales tools. BookShout! is accessible via iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD/HD+ or the web. For more information, please visit

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