Bookish: Will It Succeed?

shutterstock_13929121Amid much media coverage and fanfare, went live to the nation late Monday night Eastern Time. Within minutes, observers were praising and picking apart the site for its look and feel, its retail strategy, its much-discussed recommendation engine and, in one wonky case, it’s terms of service.
New sites with big launches often attract detractors initially. Maybe they didn’t get something quite right and there are always kinks to work out. In the case of Bookish, the site was highly anticipated and its launch highly publicized, and so it’s facing a lot of scrutiny right now.
With its backing and its long history for a start-up just getting off the ground, Bookish isn’t going away any time soon. But will it succeed? And, what does success mean for the site that claims it’s not trying to take a bite out of its competition?
We outline three reasons we think it might fail – and three reasons we think it will make it. What do you think: Will Bookish be around in two years?

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