BookFilter: Another Start-up Promising Better Book Recommendations

[Press Email]

Yet another website about books? Yes. But happily BookFilter has features not available anywhere else, making it unique among the publisher-backed literary magazine sites and GoodReads wannabes.


*Allows readers to browse for books online the way they do in a physical bookstore
*Offers comprehensive information on new releases every week, category by category
*Gives passionate and savvy recommendations every step of the way
*Encourages discoverability by cross-promoting titles in numerous categories
*BookFilter is like a fall book preview or summer beach read guide — but every week in every category

BookFilter will be a partner with publishers, retailers and the media. It will be the first stop for any readers headed to their favorite bookstore, online retailer or library and the first stop for any media contact in TV, radio, print and online looking for great story ideas and a quick rundown of upcoming releases.

BookFilter is currently live and in beta mode. It includes information from Random House, Simon & Schuster and Macmillan, as well as top independent publishers. It also includes links to major retailers making it easy for readers to purchase titles from the site of their choice. More publishers and retailers are being added every day.

The site has private financing unaffiliated with any conglomerate so BookFilter will be a trusted independent voice. It was created by Michael Giltz, an award-winning writer with many years experience covering books and all areas of entertainment for major outlets like Huffington Post, the New York Post, the New York Daily News, Entertainment Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, New York magazine and many others. Though prolific in many areas, a passion for book coverage has been a constant for Michael Giltz. He’s done exclusive, one-on-one interviews with authors like J.K. Rowling, Dennis Lehane, Laura Hillenbrand, Ian Falconer, the late Ray Bradbury, Larry McMurtry, Philip Pullman, Richard Russo and many more. He has covered publishing in every possible way, from hard news features about changes in the business to feature stories trumpeting new talent to reviews of major works to editorials about the challenges the industry faces. He loves nothing more than discovering a great new book or author and introducing them to a wider audience.


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