Bonnier Launches Adlibris Mondo Ebook Store and Library in Sweden

Adlibris, a leading ebook store in Sweden, has added a library or locker-like functionality for its users called Mondo.

Anyone with an Adlibris account has access to Mondo, where they can store audiobooks and ebooks. Mondo also comes with added content for Adlibris. The short-form ebook has made it to the Northern European country.

The Atavist leads a group of brands, including many Swedish brands, whose content will be for sale through Mondo.

“We’re so excited to be a part of it,” said an Atavist spokesperson in an email to Digital Book World. “What’s super interesting—to us at least—is that all The Atavist titles are being made available in English. Selling on the Adlibris Mondo platform means we didn’t have to arrange a rights deal with a Swedish publisher, and our titles weren’t translated. And as a digital only publisher it was very easy for us to upload our entire catalog.”

She went on to ask the following questions that this development raises:

“If Swedish (and Nordic) readers are up for consuming stories in English, what does this mean for traditional rights agreements in publishing? Will other countries follow? Maybe this only fits for the singles market?”

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The New World of Adlibris Mondo. The Nordic online bookseller launches innovative new service for e-books.

Attention book lovers, Adlibris Mondo has arrived in Sweden.

The new service from Nordic online book retailer Adlibris gives readers a whole new way to discover, buy and collect digital reading material – not just e-books and audiobooks, but even a brand new category for Sweden, the e-single.

“There’s been no place online that can serve as both a book shelf and a bookstore,” says Jonas Olofsson, the manager behind the development of Mondo. “The ambition with Adlibris Mondo is to be the most personal and inspiring store for digital reading, as well as a place for you to collect your reading. A place you can make your own.”

The new Adlibris Mondo gives readers a range of brand-new possibilities. Not only can readers collect books in their personal libraries, they can also put together their own collections they can share with their friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Or simply their best tips or what they’re reading now.

“The reading experience is about so much more than just the texts,” says Olofsson. “It’s about discovery, collecting and the possibility of sharing your experience with others. That’s why it’s been important for us at Adlibris Mondo to have a social layer that allows friends to inspire each other by sharing their reading tips, lists of their favorites and what’s in their bookshelves.”

The Adlibris Mondo bookstore editors also provide their own tips and creative collections of books that feature everything from timeless classics to non-fiction on specific topics. And Adlibris Mondo offers a unique audiobook service, where subscribers can listen to all the books they want – there is no limit – for a low monthly fee. The service is free for the first month and can be cancelled at any time without any penalties.

The new e-single service provides a wide range of shorter reading experiences – texts shorter than a book but longer than a magazine article – with everything from short stories to investigative journalism series. Adlibris Mondo is launching the e-singles in conjunction with magazines Icon, Science Illustrated and History, Swedish dailies Dagens Nyheter and Expressen, and storytelling specialist Atavist, among others.

“We want to be a window out for readers, providing them in-depth journalism that otherwise drowns in the flood of news that comes out every day,” says Olofsson.

All customers who already have an account with Adlibris can log in to Adlibris Mondo and make purchases there. Any e-books, audiobooks or e-singles that they buy, as well as those they’ve bought already, will show up in their libraries on Adlibris Mondo. The new Adlibris Mondo app for iOS then allows them to read what they’ve bought in their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – but purchases must be made at Anyone who’s purchased an e-book or audiobook can also read them with other operating systems, like Android or Windows, buy downloading services sch as Aldiko, Bluefire or Adobe Digital editions for desktop reading.

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