Bloomsbury’s Writers & Artists Launches Self-Publishing Service Comparison Engine

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Writers & Artists launch impartial self-publishing comparison service

London, Monday 30 September, 2013.  Writers & Artists is delighted to reveal an industry-first self-publishing provider comparison engine.
Over the last decade, self-publishing has become an exciting – albeit sprawling – branch of the publishing industry.  According to Bowker Market Research, self-published titles accounted for over a fifth of crime, science fiction, romance and humour e-books sold in the UK during 2012.

Amidst the stories of bestsellers which have grabbed the attention of aspiring authors, however, there has also been confusion.  A multitude of services are on offer, royalty percentages are far from fixed and do authors require an ISBN?

These concerns are why Writers & Artists has launched, a free service for writers craving more transparency in the self-publishing industry. “We had to react to the dozens of phone calls our staff were receiving each week from confused authors asking about this fast-developing, vibrant section of publishing,” explained Eela Devani, Digital Development Director at Bloomsbury. “We started with two aims: firstly, to cut through and demystify the self-publishing process; and secondly, to develop an accessible, impartial service that puts writers in touch with the providers best-suited to moving their novel forwards.  I think our service does exactly that.”

The site boasts a free comparison service where, after authors complete a simple questionnaire, they can filter through a comprehensive list of providers offering services most relevant to their project. From here writers can select up to five providers and, should they so wish, ask to be put in touch with them.

Other content on the site includes: articles with industry experts; an ever-evolving glossary of industry terms; an expanding FAQ section; and interviews with self-published authors.

Bestselling self-published author Mel Sherratt: “As a self-published author, I’m often asked for advice on cover designers, copy editors, creating e-books and print versions, marketing etc. Now there’s somewhere I can point authors to for impartial, independent advice. No more searching here, there and everywhere on the internet. It’s all in one place. On it’s simple to evaluate a vast array of self-publishing services, and it’s free to use. Read articles for advice and interviews on how others have done it. Understand the industry and learn all about the services offered in one place – there’s even a glossary! I wish this site had been around when I first started.”

Publishing expert Dr Alison Baverstock: “This new website is a really useful resource for would-be self-publishers. Today there are people wanting to self-publish for all sorts of reasons, with an equally wide variety of time scales in mind. Now this imaginative and well researched new website, compiled by distinguished publishers Bloomsbury, offers clarity, authority and guidance in a confusing marketplace. Well done indeed.”

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