Best Ebook Publishers in 2013 — Hachette, Penguin Random House on Top of Publisher Power Rankings

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Making a best-seller list even once is a great feat for any publisher or author, considering the ever-growing number of choices readers have and the growing competition for their attention. Below is a list of publishers who have made the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list in 2013, ranking them by number of appearances.

While Hachette made a very strong showing in the first half of the year, leading all publishers in ebook best-sellers, Penguin Random House had almost as many best-sellers in the second half of the year (230) as Hachette had all year. If you add up PRH’s numbers with Penguin’s and Random House’s from the first half of the year, the company had an astounding 478 ebook best-sellers, about 40% of all the best-sellers from 2013.

Hachette had 258 best-sellers in 2013, besting every other publisher by a wide margin.

The other big story in the best-seller rankings in 2013 was the strong showing of self-publishing. Aside from Hachette and Penguin Random House, self-published authors (when viewed as one single publisher) had more best-sellers than any other single publishing house.

While it’s not an entirely fair comparison, self-published authors often think of themselves as part of a larger publishing community and publishers also likely think of indie authors as a group when it comes to best-sellers.


Ebook Publisher Power Rankings Through First Half of 2013

Ebook Publisher Power Rankings in 2012

Top 27 Ebook Publishers in 2013

Rank Publisher Appearances
1 Hachette 258
2 Penguin Random House* 230
3 Random House 146
4 Penguin 102
5 Self-published 99
6 HarperCollins 91
7 Simon & Schuster 72
8 Macmillan 68
9 Amazon 46
10 Scholastic 27
11 Harlequin 21
12 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 8
13 Hyperion 4
14 (tie) Soho Press 3
14 (tie) Workman 3
16 (tie) Abrams 2
16 (tie) Fido Publishing 2
16 (tie) Gossamer Publishing 2
16 (tie) Kensington Books 2
16 (tie) Open Road Media 2
21 (tie) Bell Bridge Books 1
21 (tie) Covenant Communications 1
21 (tie) Entangled Publishing 1
21 (tie) ORLY Press 1
21 (tie) Sourcebooks 1
21 (tie) Spencer Hill Press 1
21 (tie) The Indie Voice 1

* In the first half of 2013, ebooks published by Penguin or Random House were counted for each publisher. In the second half, all Penguin Random House books were combined. The Penguin Random House line above only represents second-half best-sellers from the publisher. The first-half best-sellers are counted in the individual Penguin and Random House lines. 




15 thoughts on “Best Ebook Publishers in 2013 — Hachette, Penguin Random House on Top of Publisher Power Rankings

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  2. Hugh Howey

    It’s very useful to think of self-published authors as an entity in order to gauge trends. This ranking combined with Amazon’s announcement that self-published ebooks accounted for 25% of sales this year are two things to keep in mind when trends in ebook sales are touted. Self-published ebooks are not included in those stats. The supposed flattening of ebook sales comes as reported from major publishers. That doesn’t tell us what ebook sales are doing overall. Every one of those reports should come with a disclaimer, and we should stop pretending that self-publishing doesn’t account for a major chunk of this industry’s business. Pretty incredible development, I think. The biggest publishing story of 2013 by far. I feel extremely fortunate to be writing at this moment in history. I’m biased, of course, but I find it all very exciting.

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