Best Apps for Reading Ebooks on the iPad

shutterstock_154123280The ebook business loves power readers. They devour up to 300 or 400 books a year, reading them one after the other on their e-reader, tablet or phone.

Keeping these important readers happy takes more than continuing to pump out romances, thrillers and mysteries. It also takes a quality reading experience.

With that in mind, we had our power-reader in residence test out over a dozen e-reading apps for the iPad, reading 50 pages in each, to determine which was the best.

The top-rated app probably won’t surprise you, but some which received low ratings just might.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Ebook Growth Slows in First Half of 2013 (DBW)
Adult trade ebook revenues only grew about 5% in the first half of 2013, according to the latest numbers from the Association of American Publishers. Children’s book publishing was down nearly 50% from last year but up significantly from 2011. More analysis.

New Pottermore CEO (paidContent)
Former Sony exec Susan Jurevics is the new CEO at Pottermore. She had been in on Sony’s partnership with the platform that brought Harry Potter to the magical world of ebooks. She replaces Charlie Redmayne, who left Pottermore in July to run HarperCollins UK.

Ed Tech Drives Revenue at Scholastic (DBW)
Revenues were down at Scholastic in the first quarter but there was a big bright spot: sales of educational software. The business is booming, up to nearly $100 million in revenue for the quarter.

Teaching the Teachers (DBW)
When it comes to getting digital content into classrooms, one impediment you might not consider is teachers. Specifically, teachers need to learn tablets — both as users and for teaching.

Pew: Half of Cell Phone Owners Download Apps (DBW)
Over 90% of Americans now own cell phones and a majority of those devices are smartphones. And, as of 2012, nearly 10% of ebook reading adults have read an ebook on their smartphone.

Staples, RadioShack Fight Back Against Amazon (Bloomberg)
The nationwide retailers have pulled Amazon lockers from their stores. Amazon had signed deals with the two that put storage lockers in their stores so Amazon customers who didn’t want goods delivered to their home addresses could go and pick them up. Both retailers said that the lockers weren’t really working out.

Ebook Enthusiasm in Mexico (Pub Perspectives)
Spain, Mexico and the U.S. are the three largest Spanish-language ebook markets. And while there are fewer than a million heavy readers in Mexico, enthusiasm for ebooks in the market still reigns.

New E-Reader From Bookeen (The Digital Reader)
French e-reader maker Bookeen is coming out with a new eight-inch e-reader — an odd size. E Ink doesn’t make any screens that size so it is likely using a different company’s technology.

The Week That Was (Good E Reader)
Good E Reader and Digital Book World discuss slowing ebook revenue growth, falling ebook prices and the possibility of a free e-reader.

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