BEA Edition: What Hybrid Authors Want

shutterstock_44574016When it comes to the new era of publishing, hybrid authors are the new power players. They make more money from their writing than other authors, they have bigger marketing platforms and they are not afraid to use them.
So, what motivates them?
Among hybrid authors who self-published their last book or want to self-publish their next book, the reasons are clear: creative control; money; and the ease of the self-publishing process.
For those who traditionally published their last book or want to traditionally publish their next book, the reasons are vastly different: distribution; publishing support; and prestige of having a book published by a publisher and in a bookstore.
Much more.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
Publishers Ready for Digital Future? (DBW)
According to Brian Napack, former Macmillan president and current senior advisor at Providence Equity partners, publishers are not equipped to capitalize on publishing opportunities presented to them. The natural reaction is to get more scale, but that might not be the solution. Related: The Biggest Difference Between Amazon and Book Publishers.
Literary Agents No More (DBW)
Literary agents are no longer in the book business but in the talent management business, says one.
Apple CEO: We Won’t Settle (C|Net)
“We’re not going to sign something that says we did something that we didn’t do, so we’re going to fight,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook at the D11 conference this week. The presiding Judge has been suggesting Apple will settle.
How Ebooks and Hotel Rooms Are Similar (Hotel News Now)
There’s a change happening in the online hotel sales industry: Some websites are now putting their partners on the “agency” model and forcing others to do the same with “most favored nation” contracts.

F+W Media’s Multi-Million Dollar E-Commerce Business (DBW)
F+W Media chairman and CEO took the stage during one of yesterday’s conferences to explain how the company built a huge e-commerce operatio out of nothing: Predicted to grow to $50 million next year. 
E-Galley (paidContent)
A new program from HarperCollins will help its authors give away free digital copies of their upcoming books for promotional purposes. Original release.
Book Marketing Firehouse (Pub Perspectives)
Earlier in the week, Publishing Perspectives held a book marketing conference. Click for a summary. Here’s our short-short summary: Find advocates who reach readers; build authentic content for them to engage with; pray; and pray some more.
Publishers Need Social Media (DBW)
Scholastic’s social media and internal communications director explains why publishers need social media, the goals they should set around social and how to cope with “antisocial” authors.
Ebooks and the Open Web (DBW)
Ebooks and the open Web are on a collision course that will likely be caused – and resolved – by readers.  
The New News Corp Logo (Romenesko)
At the end of the News Corp fiscal year (end of June), the company will split into two parts, one focused on movies and television and the other focused on newspapers and books, which will include HarperCollins. The latter company has a new logo.
The Digital Future (Slideshare)
Mary Meeker’s deck from this year’s D11 conference. For those of you who don’t know who Meeker is or what this deck represents, know this: Meeker’s predictions about the digital world have been the closest thing to having an actual crystal ball – if that ball were a search engine.

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