Barnes & Noble’s Future

shutterstock_130558316When it comes to the future, nothing is certain. What is clear about the past, however, is that Barnes & Noble has been having a rough summer.
The company had a bad earnings report followed by the announcement of a plan to shutter its homegrown tablet business. Then it jettisoned its CEO.
So, what’s next? According to one observer, the best option might just be to divest Nook to Microsoft (assuming that’s an option) and focus on managing the decline of the bricks-and-mortar retail operation.
With fairly strong EBITDA numbers in its last fiscal year (the retail and college bookstores netting nearly half a billion dollars in profit), it might not be a “decline” that needs managing. A slowdown in the U.S. in the growth of the ebook business and the deterioration of the print book business means it might just be the right time for bookstores to make a little bit of a comeback.

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