Barnes & Noble Continuing to Invest in Nook Brand

Barnes-and-NobleWith the launch of a rebranded a suped-up version of its self-publishing platform PubIt! as Nook Press, Barnes & Noble has demonstrated that it intends to continue to invest in the Nook brand even as it struggles.
“We have decided to rebrand to Nook Press because we’ve been very successful with our Nook brand and that brand has a quality and depth and breadth to it that PubIt! couldn’t leverage,” Theresa Horner, vice president of digital content at Nook Media, told Digital Book World.
While outsiders may not agree with Horner’s assessment of the level of success of the Nook brand – considering its poor holiday performance and its status even within the company – some are saying that this latest move is one that its competition to respect. The Digital Reader, a frequent critic of Barnes & Noble, lauded the ebook editor in Nook Press and said, “for once they’ve stolen a march on Amazon.”
With 25% of units sold on Nook coming from self-published authors (according to the company in a release), it seems as important as ever for Barnes & Noble and others to continue to court authors with new features, lower prices and anything else that will impress the vocal author community.

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