Barbara Freethy: Kobo International Sales Far Eclipse Domestic

Best-selling hybrid author Barbara Freethy sells ten times more Kobo ebooks internationally than she does in the U.S.

“Kobo is really good internationally,” she said, talking to Digital Book World at Book Expo America.

In the U.S., Kobo is thought to have a low-single-digit market share when it comes to ebook unit sales. Internationally, however, Kobo sells ebooks in over 190 countries and devices in over a dozen; it has significantly higher market share in countries like Canada and Japan where the market is much smaller but growing quickly.

Freethy said that she sells books with Amazon and others internationally but that Kobo makes up a much larger percentage of her international sales than her U.S. sales.

According to CEO Mike Serbinis, Kobo is planning on doubling the number of countries where it sells its devices by the end of next year.


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