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Remember 1993?

Don’t worry – this isn’t one of those shows on VH1 where washed-up pseudo-celebrities make flippant remarks about other washed-up celebrities who were famous in 1993. It’s a real look back at the past: what agents thought about digital publishing way back when. Despite what your opinion about agents’ relationships with ebooks today, in 1993 they were well-informed and perhaps ahead of the curve.

Our own blogger, agent, e-publisher and ebook-seller Richard Curtis wrote an article titled A Look Back: Have You Missed the Electronic Revolution? For the Association of Authors’ Representatives newsletter. In 1993.

Shocking, but at that time Curtis suggested with his headline that perhaps agents had already missed the boat. This was the start of the CD-ROM craze that hit publishing in the ‘90s, many of you may recall, so it’s not that prescient – but it makes a lot of points that would have been so in 2007.

Read the full article along with current commentary.

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