Atomization of Publishing: Snapshot

Earlier this year, publishing consultant and DBW partner Mike Shatzkin crystallized a concept Digital Book World has been covering since late 2011: The evolution of other media companies into book publishing companies; and the evolution of all other kinds of firms into book publishers.

Dubbed the “atomization” of publishing, new reports come out almost every day describing how more firms are publishing ebooks. The low barriers to entry make it relatively easy and inexpensive to produce titles that can generate revenue, promote a product or service or burnish the company’s reputation. For instance, these four reports occurred just today:

New Jersey Museum Publishes First Ebook

Mobile Chat Platform Enters Manga Ebook Biz in Japan

Toronto Star Newspaper Tests Monthly Ebook Subscription

Christian Website Partners With Publisher to Launch Ebook Line

In the first story, a museum — an organization that may have in the past published books in partnership with a publisher — is creating and distributing a new ebook. In the second, a company with a stake in how people use digital technology is trying to capitalize on its position in the marketplace to offer its users something new. In the third, a media company is experimenting with new ebook business models. And in the last, another media company is partnering with an established publisher to leverage its existing assets into an ebook business.

Stories like this come out every week. This is just a snapshot of several from today.

More on the “atomization” of publishing.



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