Are Ebooks Going Glossi?

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shutterstock_119855026Glossi is new creation platform that’s digital magazines meets Inkling meets Storify, where customizable templates turn content into HTML.

Robyn Ward, the company’s vice president of business development, has helped launch 6 venture-capitalist backed start-ups. She’s adept at understanding and responding to initial user feedback, marketing, PR, sales, and business development.

Now at Glossi, she’s charged with getting the platform out in front of the people and brands at the intersection of content and commerce.

Glossi holds promise for entrepreneurial authors and agents looking for creative ways to assist independent authors, and for publishers and established authors looking for new digital opportunities to share excerpts, character backstories, etc.

The platform, which accommodates moving images, embedded video, social sharing, and links to product pages, could also be useful for creators looking to pitch ideas.

Initially focused on the fashion and entertainment industries, the Glossi creation platform is well suited for any storyteller, especially creators with clear goals to increase sales, traffic and engagement, said Ward.

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I spoke with Robyn to learn more about the company’s plans for growth, the platform’s use as a publishing and marketing tool for the ebook community and much more.

Here’s the Glossi version of our conversation:

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