App Developer Snapplify Partners With Ebook Services Provider SPI Global

Snapplify produces apps that publishers can use as branded storefronts to sell digital content. The company’s services will be offered to SPI Global customers. And, through the partnership, Snapplify customers will be given access to a range of SPI Global services, including ebook production and other digital publishing services.

In the past several years, a wave of consolidation and partnerships among digital publishing service companies has been precipitated by the desire among publishers to work with providers that offer a range of services. SPI Global has been among the large service providers to add capabilities, acquiring e-publishing firm Laserwords in late 2011.

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Digital Publishing startup, Snapplify, partners with world’s largest BPO service provider, SPi Global

Snapplify, a South African success story that offers digital publishing solutions to publishers globally has partnered with SPi Global, a global digital and e-publishing service provider to content owners and publishers. Three years after the launch of the first iPad, a highly successful new generation of app developers for tablet and smartphone platforms are rapidly going global, and they’re using partnerships to further accelerate their expansion.

Since launching in mid-2011, Snapplify has signed multiple partners in Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the US and UK. “We’ve established a number of global partnerships, but SPi Global is the largest so far,” says Snapplify CEO Wesley Lynch. SPi Global has a presence in all corners of the globe and is definitely one of the largest and most diversified business process outsourcing service providers in terms of geographical presence. “We have had a pretty sustained run of success on our own before, but we feel we can best satisfy regional needs with the aid of partners as well as support our customers better “says Lynch.

The company is actively looking for more global partners to make sure its growth is not unsupported, he adds. “Our existing partners have done a great job of contributing to that success, and in return, we offer revenue and growth opportunities.”

This partnership amply illustrates the benefits ofglobal content partnerships. Truly global partners like SPi Global have a lot to offer in terms of solutions experience, local market knowledge and linguistic expertise in selected territories. Lynch says Snapplify will work with the company to “develop and enrich our vision for content development, distribution and monetisation”.

From SPi Global’s perspective, a mostly regional player like Snapplify has strong home-ground advantage. “We’re excited to be working with Snapplify – our partnership enables us to offer content distribution services to our customers” says Director of Global Marketing, Jamie Israel.

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About Snapplify
Snapplify, founded by CEO Wesley Lynch, is a mobile digital publishing solutions provider. The company enables publishers to sell their content including books, newspapers, magazines and videos via company branded Mobile Apps. Snapplify’s successful launch at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2011 saw the company establishing multiple worldwide offices, servicing leading publishers both locally and internationally. The innovative mobile technology emerging from Snapplify has been recognised globally and the company has received multiple awards. With over 300 000 App downloads in a less than 2 years, Snapplify continues to enable publishers to do better business via mobile distribution.


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