Amazon to Indie Bookstores: Join Us

Amazon-logoAmazon, often cited by indie bookstore owners as the enemy, has extended an olive branch. The company’s new initiative, “Source,” gives indies the opportunity to sell Amazon devices and ebooks, getting a small bit of the action on both.

The program is much like a similar initiative from Kobo, which bookstore owners told Digital Book World they liked because it helped them combat Amazon.

One organization that doesn’t like it? The American Booksellers Association. Without giving too many specific reasons as to why it was a bad idea for its members, ABA CEO Oren Teicher denounced Source as not “credible.”


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The rest of the day’s top news:


Will New Amazon ‘Source’ Program Work? (Forbes)
While similar and perhaps even better than rival programs, it might not for wholly other reasons. Compared to the Kobo program, it offers slightly better margins on devices. Read more.


Indies Committing Suicide With Amazon Source? (
A quote: “One could argue that bookstores that join the Source program are only setting themselves up for a long-term bleed that could ultimately leave them dead.”


Don’t Make Long-Term Plans (DBW)
Long-time ebook production guru and chief ebook architect at Firebrand Technologies Joshua Tallent believes that you can’t sleep on the ebook industry, even if sales growth has flattened. Anything could change – and it could change quickly. Video.


More Ebook Sales Analysis (Talking New Media)
More analysis of the Book Industry Study Group’s latest study on ebooks and e-reading. The net: Readers want more freedom. Related: Readers Want More Value for Ebooks, New Study Suggests.


How Online Bookstores Can Use ‘Social Proof’ to Sell More Books (
One thing missing from the online book-buying experience: A salesperson loading your arms full of books you need to have. There may be ways to fill that gap.


Simon & Schuster’s Strong Quarter (Pub Lunch)
The big publisher had “record” quarter, driven by a 39% increase in digital book sales, according to parent company CBS. Ebooks were 27% of all sales at the New York-based house.


Sales Fall at Harlequin (PW)
Declines in print sales that were not offset by gains in digital sales caused revenue and profit decreases at the Canada-based romance publisher.


Small Demons Kaput? (Pub Lunch)
Unless a buyer emerges, content start-up Small Demons will close its doors by November 25.


Conference for Techies (DBW)
This year at Digital Book World, more than a full day of programming has been dedicated to technology and ebook production. Here’s one techie’s list of must-attend events.


Publishing’s Healthy Job Market (Pub Lunch)
According to a decade’s worth of data, there are more job openings in publishing right now than since before the recession. It’s a good sign.


Seattle Drugstore Pilots Book Print-on-Demand Center (DBW)
Bartell Drugs in Seattle is piloting an on-demand books center at its University Village location. The new initiative includes an Espresso Book Machine. The chain has 58 stores altogether in the Seattle area.


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