Amazon Publishing New York’s New Seattle Publisher

seattleAmazon Publishing, the retailer’s trade publishing operation based out of New York, has a new publisher, who will be based in Seattle.

Daphne Durham will take over as publisher from Larry Kirshbaum, who will be leaving the company in January to go back to being an agent. Durham, an Amazon employee since 1999, had been editor-in-chief and will continue to live and work in Seattle.

Publishing media is painting it as a retreat from New York to Seattle, speculating that the company couldn’t cut it in the Big Apple, competing with the world’s largest publishers on the biggest books (a take which the company denies, citing expansion for its New York publishing business).

Blame Barnes & Noble for making it tough on Amazon Publishing’s print bookstore aspirations, said one report. Another, however, claimed the move to Seattle no big deal, as the company retains one of its advantages over other publishers: paying authors royalties monthly instead of twice a year.

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