Amazon Gets Aggressive About International Expansion

shutterstock_116342671Barnes & Noble has been struggling to launch its digital business in the UK and other Western, English-speaking countries. Kobo has been executing a careful but aggressive international expansion plan that will have it selling devices in 24 countries by the end of next year. Apple’s hip products are sold in retail stores in 14 countries and are used all over the world.
Amazon has its sights set on besting them all. It announced yesterday that it would begin selling its Kindle Fire HD tablets in 170 countries around the world. It will start shipping to some of those countries on June 13.
While the move represents a daunting logistical challenge for Amazon, it could represent a huge opportunity for publishers ready to distribute their ebooks to the developing world.
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One thought on “Amazon Gets Aggressive About International Expansion

  1. Kaz Augustin

    Let’s not get so giddy here. You can get a Kindle in Cambodia and Vietnam, where there are negligible English readers, and NOT in Singapore and Malaysia, where there are millions. Let’s throttle back on the hype here, m’kay?



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