Amazon Crushing Competition in U.S.

Amazin-Shopping-CartAmazon is way ahead of the competition when it comes to selling ebooks in the U.S., according to new data from the Book Industry Study Group.

Based on reader surveys, Amazon has about two-thirds of the U.S. ebook market share while its closest competitors – Barnes & Noble and then Apple – have about 10% each.

While it is widely thought in the industry that B&N and Apple have about 15% to 20% market share each and that Amazon has about 60%, these numbers can’t be encouraging to publishers who want more diversity in the ebook retail marketplace.

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Google Books Scanning Found Legal, Author Case Dismissed (Pub Lunch)
It’s been eight years in the making: A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by authors against Google. The suit contended that Google’s digital book scanning project violated copyright and adversely affected copyright holders. In his ruling, the judge also enumerated the benefits to society by Google’s actions. Google (and librarians) applauded the decision. The Authors Guild, an association of published authors, was “disappointed” and said it would appeal the decision. Based on earlier rulings, it’s unclear whether an appeals court will even hear the case. Read more.


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Happy Birthday, Amazon Ebook Store! (The Digital Reader)
Yesterday was the 13-year anniversary of the first attempt by Amazon to sell ebooks. While most people remember the November 19, 2007 date as the anniversary, that’s just for the Kindle store, which was reportedly Amazon’s fourth attempt at the business. Among many other things, the company is certainly a study in the value of grit. Related: iBooks Loses Fake Wood Panel Bookshelf in Update.


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