Amazon Begins Discounting Macmillan Ebooks

Macmillan, Tor/ForgeThe discounting on Macmillan ebooks has begun. Amazon and its competitors have started offering lower prices on the big publisher’s best-selling titles, including Silver Linings Playbook and Killing Kennedy.
Per Pub Lunch, the price war that many in the industry anticipated never really materialized beyond skirmishes around a handful of top-selling titles. Well, not everyone in the industry saw that happening. Forrester analyst James McQuivey told us in April 2012 that he anticipated Amazon and others lowering prieces “slowly” and “strategically.”
But who predicted what and how right or wrong they were isn’t material now. What matters now is what happens next. Here’s something to watch: Today, the $14.99 ebook is an endangered species; tomorrow, it may be extinct. This has an effect on the entire ebook ecosystem. As consumers get used to paying less and less, will front-list best-sellers find it harder to gain purchase at $14.99? Will self-published and mid-list ebooks priced at $4.99 and $5.99 start seeing competition from front-list titles? Will prices go down across the board as a result? We’ll see.

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We just wanted to bring you this neat tool that helps you analyze your tweets and their effectiveness. It probably won’t help you sell more books (just like Twitter!) but it’s fun (also like Twitter).  
If the Book Industry Was Game of Thrones (TOC)
What if the book publishing industry was Game of Thrones? Well, the evil Cersei Lannister would be Amazon; the young and bold Jon Snow would be start-ups; and the drunk and befuddled King Baratheon would be the traditional publishers. One thing this item doesn’t highlight is how in Game of Thrones many of the characters you know well and come to love suddenly die. Also, if you haven’t read the books or seen the HBO adaptation, this won’t make any sense to whatsoever.

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Image Credit: Macmillan image via Macmillan


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