Amazon, Apple, Random House, All Winners in Trial

dominosEven if Apple loses in the ongoing ebook price-fixing antitrust trial starting its second week today, it still could come out a winner in the ebook business, writes Jack Perry:
“…all this publicity informs the public that Apple actually does sell ebooks!”
Regardless of the outcome of the trial, Amazon will continue to innovate as its rival (Apple) and partners/rivals (the largest publishers) are battered in court and in the press. And Random House has nearly doubled in size through acquisition as its competitors paid hefty fines and were distracted by a lawsuit.
An unmentioned winner in the DOJ/Apple saga: The media. As of the writing of this article, Google News reports nearly 6,000 articles written about the trial since its start last week – one more, now that you’re reading this. More DOJ/Apple below.

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The rest of the day’s top news:
New Ebook Sales Channels: Video Games (DBW)
One game developer plans on selling ebooks through the in-game store in its latest game. The type of game the firm is developing has been known to have up to 25 million players, all of whom engage heavily with the store to advance the game. The founder predicts that in 18 months, all game developers will be doing this.
DOJ/Apple: Could Apple Win? (TIME)
After signaling a few weeks ago that she was leaning toward judging in favor of the Department of Justice, Judge Denise Cote gave Apple lawyers an opening last week that brought them new confidence. If Apple can show that it didn’t force publishers into doing business with it but rather was just acting in its own business interests, it might have a shot.
DOJ/Apple: Who’s Next (Pub Lunch)
HarperCollins CEO Brian Murray and Random House CEO Markus Dohle take the stand this week. Executives from Google and Apple will also be featured.
Amazon Expands Author Target Market (DBW)
Amazon has launched a new tool – Storyteller – geared toward helping screenwriters and filmmakers turn their scripts into storyboards.
Self-Published Ebooks at 12% of Digital Market (Good E Reader)
The numbers, courtesy of Bowker, show that self-publishing has gained a tremendous amount of traction among readers, especially of genre fiction.
Quarto: Defying Ebook Era (Express)
Illustrated book publisher Quarto is sticking with print books and the ecosystem that supports them even as much of the rest of the industry embraces digital editions.
China’s Kindle Rival (The Digital Reader)
Chinese digital readers, meet the Duocon, the new e-reading device from China’s leading ebooks platform, Dangdang, which has been selling ebooks in the country since 2011. It’s specifications don’t match up to the best Kindle e-readers, but it retails for nearly 20% less.
StoryToys Launches Bookshelf App (DBW)
In what is becoming an increasingly popular strategy, another children’s ebook and app publishers has launched a bookshelf app, in which readers can browse and buy new titles within the app.
What Should Be Done With BEA (BookRiot)
One observer has a list of advice to improve Book Expo America: She wants more carpeting, charging and chairs; and, “For the love of all that is holy, put in another Starbucks.” Amen.

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