Alison Bryant of PlayCollective on the Advantage of Books in the Kids Digital Market

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When it comes to interactive experiences for kids, publishers have one powerful market opportunity that they have still not fully realized, says Dr. J. Alison Bryant President and Founder of PlayCollective: The overwhelming preference parents show for the book form, whether print or digital.

“They [parents] see a digital book, for example, as 40 percent more valuable than an app,” Bryant said. “That’s interesting. There’s an inherent value still in the book form, whether its done digitally or in print, that parents are seeing, and I think we need to be thinking more about that. I think there’s been a lot of fear, quite honestly, in the publishing industry about digital, but if we can leverage the fact that parents still see more value in published things than, let’s say, interactive games, than we’re going to have some really interesting places to move.”

Bryant co-founded PlayCollective to help companies and organizations create better, more innovative, and more positively impactful media and technology. Offering a mix of consumer insights, brand building, product development and strategic planning, the company grew out of the combination and expansion of two of Bryant’s previous companies focused on kids and families, PlayScience, and PlayLab.

At last year’s DBW2013 conference, Digital Book World released a survey in partnership with PlayScience that found, among other things, that a full 54% of U.S. kids read ebooks regularly.

This year, Digital Book World and PlayCollective continue their investigation of children’s digital reading habits with The ABCs of Kids and Ebooks, a presentation taking place at LaunchKids, the full-day Publishers Launch Conference complementing Digital Book World week. For her presentation, Bryant will provide updates about the number of kids who are reading digitally, the devices they use, how they select content, and how usage and habits change with age. The KidsLaunch co-event is devoted to the key issues facing children’s book publishers in today’s digital transition.

The kids reading marketplace is unlike any other reading demographic, Bryant explained. “This is a generation that is platform agnostic,” she said. “They don’t see the differences between technologies..It gives us opportunities as entertainment creators and narrative creators to really build content, property and characters across platforms, that kids can enjoy and really increase our market share that way.”

For more DBW2014 information, including scheduled speakers and event lineup, visit the Digital Book World Conference & Expo 2014 website.

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