Agency Dead? Penguin Ebooks Discounted

shutterstock_74521255Agency as we knew it is on its death bed. Penguin titles are now being discounted by retailers and the rest of Penguin Random House titles will soon follow.
Digital Book World has been observing weird, seemingly discounted prices on some Penguin titles ever since late May and early June of this year, reporting on the anomaly in July (here, here and here). Yet, the infamous Amazon disclaimer of “This price was set by the publisher” persisted – and still persists as of this writing. Penguin communications professionals said repeatedly that negotiations were ongoing and gave no further comment.
Pub Lunch was the first to come out and report on the discounting. PaidContent offers a chart analyzing it here.
Over the next several months, we expect to see the average price of a best-selling ebook get low and stay that way. Stay tuned. Read more.

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