AfriBooks Will Sell South African Ebooks Through iOS and Android Apps Worldwide

Publishers seem to be warming to the idea of selling ebooks through iOS apps through in-app purchasing. Oceanhouse Media, for instance, is inching closer to setting up such a service for users of its Dr. Seuss app.

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Library app with ‘lekker’ South African books now available on iTunes and Google Play
This week, on World Book Day South Africa, digital publishers Berg + Bach, in collaboration with Burnet Media, launches AfriBooks: an ever-expanding selection of entertaining and irreverent South African eBooks on Google Play and iTunes.

South African reading
Digital and online experts Berg + Bach have developed a new application, AfriBooks, specifically for South African eBook readers. It will target both locals back home and expat South Africans around the world.

Uniquely positioned for this venture, Berg + Bach are Dutch-based digital-publishing specialists with global publishing reach as well as strong ties to the South African publishing industry.

‘We thought World Book Day South Africa, a day where the culture of reading is encouraged, would be the perfect time to launch AfriBooks,’ says Miriam Hainebach, creative director and co-founder of Berg + Bach.

South African partner
For the venture, Berg + Bach have collaborated with independent South African publishers Burnet Media, known for their bestsellers 50 People Who Stuffed Up South Africa and The Racist’s Guide To The People of South Africa, both of which are available for the first time in e-format on AfriBooks. Together, the companies aim to make irreverent and entertaining South African books accessible to anyone with a tablet or e-reader.

‘Digital publishing in South Africa is in something of a no-man’s land at the moment,’ explains Tim Richman, managing director of Burnet Media. ‘There is a steadily increasing market, but it appears to be more interested in buying international titles rather than local. We believe AfriBooks offers a great opportunity to take easily accessible, well-priced content to a wider audience, both within South Africa and abroad.’

The details
The AfriBooks library container app is free to download. Apple users can download the app on iTunes; Android users can download it on Google Play.

Launch prices for eBooks within AfriBooks vary from R45 to R80 (approx. US$4.85 to US$8.65). New titles will be added to the AfriBooks container each month, varying from recent bestsellers to niche titles to novels that have gone out-of-print.
About Berg + Bach:
Berg + Bach is not your typical digital publishing company. Small, focused and based in the Netherlands, they work together with publishing houses, self-publishers, magazines, authors and cartoonists all over the world to find the best way to convert their publications for different e-readers and iOS and Android devices, after which they market them through various online avenues. In this way, the publishers/authors/cartoonists can focus on what they do best. In South Africa, Berg + Bach currently manages digital publishing projects for The Big Issue and award-winning cartoonist Zapiro, in addition to a number of other print publishing organisations. See

About Burnet Media:
Burnet Media is an independent publishing house based in Cape Town that produces two imprints – Two Dogs and Mercury – as well as a variety of customised publishing projects. Its bestsellers include Some Of My Best Friends Are White, 50 People Who Stuffed Up South Africa and The Racist’s Guide To The People Of South Africa, which have sold more than 100,000 copies between them. See


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