Abandoning Amazon

Amazin-Shopping-CartA small independent publisher of children’s books has opted to stop dealing with Amazon directly and will instead put its faith in other sales channels.
Cambridge, Mass. and Oxford, UK-based Barefoot Books titles will still be available on Amazon for purchase but only through wholesalers. Instead of dealing with Amazon directly, Barefoot will focus its efforts on its in-store “studios,” set up in retailers like New York’s FAO Schwarz, its own direct-to-consumer online portal and a growing network of in-home sales agents. Think Tupperware parties for kids books.
This sounds familiar. Last February, educational publisher EDC dropped Amazon in favor of its network of home-sellers. EDC told DBW that its network of sellers were unhappy competing with the online retail giant known for its extremely competitive pricing and that the move had already juiced sales to the tune of 15% month-over-month.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Tech to Help With Digital Book Signings (DBW)
Now that we know how digital book signings can help with sales, here is a list of relevant technologies to help authors put their digital John Hancock on readers’ ebooks. Related: Digital Book Signings Help Grow Author Careers.

Ebook Sales in Canada Plateau (DBW)
According to a wide-ranging survey of the Canadian book market by BookNet Canada, ebooks have plateaued at 15% of all unit sales as of 2012. After the first quarter of the year, ebook sales as a percentage of all unit sales declined in each quarter.
MetaComet Launches AuthorPortal.com (PW)
The new site will allow publishers to organize contracts, manuscripts, royalties and more for their authors. The largest publishers already have customized author portals but many small and mid-size publishers may find this out-of-the-box solution a better fit than building it all themselves.
Digital Drives Profits at Bloomsbury (Pub Lunch)
Profits were up markedly on a small revenue gains at the British publisher as digital became a bigger part of the mix in its last fiscal year, ending February 28. Related: Bloomsbury Digital Sales Surge in First Half.
Uber BEA Schedule (Pub Lunch)
Want to take it all in next week at BEA? Pub Lunch has you covered with a document that organizes all of the panels and events into one spreadsheet. Also, don’t forget to play as hard as you work: Pub Lunch’s BEA party planner.

Publishing Ebooks on Paper (Pub Perspectives)
South Africa’s Paperight helps local copy shops publish books on plain, old copy machines for a reasonable fee those who don’t have access to relatively expensive e-reading technology. The firm wants to make sure that the world’s poor aren’t left behind in the digital reading revolution.
New E-Ink Technology (DBW)
Despite the declining popularity of e-ink e-reading devices, E Ink, the company that produces much of the technology, is pressing ahead with research and development into new e-ink technology. The latest developments are three-pigment screens and screens that can perform in ultra-cold environments.

No Paperwhite? No Problem (BookRiot)
Don’t ruin your eyes straining to read your old backlight-less e-reader without sufficient illumination. Buy one of these incredible bookish lamps.


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