A Huge, Untapped Ebook Market

38ensoOne million units sold in the first 24-hours on sale – U.S. only. One million units sold in the first 24-hours worldwide.

Those are the respective sales figures for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s XBOX ONE video game consoles. At $399 and $499 each, respectively, that’s nearly a billion dollars grossed between the two of them in just one day.

Those are numbers that should make any content sales company salivate. Not only are PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE fantastic content platforms, they highlight an audience that likes to consume – and spend – on content.

The opportunities abound: Novel spinoffs of video games (Halo, for instance, which has given birth to several best-sellers); video-game spinoffs of novels (anything zombies or vampries could do); to, perhaps in the future, ebook sales through consoles.


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The rest of the day’s top news:


Amazon Plans Drone Delivery in the Future (DBW)
In less than five years time, you could order a new Kindle e-reader from Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep via drone helicopter in 30 minutes. More.


Future of the Book? You’re Looking at It (NYTimes)
When it comes to futuristic digital reading innovations, with few exceptions consumers have really only taken to straight-text immersive reading. Digital innovators continue to innovate – and fall by the wayside, mostly.


Black Friday: A UK Retail Booster? (DBW)
Black Friday is America’s latest export to the world. The delivery is via Amazon, which led the way in offering special deals in the UK the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. Will the tradition invigorate UK holiday retail sales?


Cyber Monday: Amazon’s Kindle Deals (DBW)
Amazon has lowered the price of one of its premium tablet computers to near $100 as a Cyber Monday deal for shoppers.


Amazon Pop-up Retail Store (The Digital Reader)
Amazon’s first physical retail venture – a pop-up store in San Francisco – has popped up and back down again.


Apple Objects to Huge Monitoring Fees (Bloomberg)
The court-appointed monitor over Apple to ensure it doesn’t run afoul of antitrust laws has charged Apple $138,432 for his first two weeks of work. Apple has filed a complaint with the courts.


HarperCollins, Innovating Publisher (Mashable)
When it comes to splashy, innovative publishing announcements over the past year, HarperCollins often has its name attached to them. According to the company’s chief digital officer, it’s about trying things and seeing what sticks.


An E-Reader You Power (Engineering.com)
New e-reader technology might make the need for a charge from the wall socket a thing of the past – it could work on energy you provide.


From Last Week: Innovative Digital Reading (The Atlantic)
Device 6 is the latest book-like experience for mobile devices that could once again revolutionize reading as we know it. Given that nothing really has since the e-reader, don’t bet on it.


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