A Consumer Publishing Approach to Ebooks

shutterstock_147501683Consumer publishing has seen great success with subscription services, since consumers are in the habit of paying for services. And, “this could be a way forward for [book] sales, rather than relying on the one-off purchase,” according to Alex Watson, director of product, tablet and apps at Dennis Publishing.

Advertising, similarly, is a quintessential element of successful consumer publishing. And in that space, advertising does not depreciate the editorial content. Justine Southall, publishing director at Marie Claire UK, speaking at this month’s Byte The Book event, submitted that in-book advertising could be used to good effect by book publishers today too.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Where Ebook Subscriptions Fit in the Publishing Ecosystem (Publishing Technology)
For platforms like Oyster to succeed, avid reads need to change their buying habits. With that goal in mind a slew of subscription startups are striving for victory.

Julie Blattberg Joins Open Road as Executive Director, Consumer Engagement (DBW)
Blattberg brings over 15 years of experience with her as she joins the Open Road team to lead marketing content syndication and partnerships, newsletters, social media, and conferences as well. In the new role she’ll report directly to Rachel Chou.

Amazon’s Standing in the UK Ebook Market (The Bookseller)
According to an Ofcom study, Amazon has 79 percent of ebook market share in the UK. The survey also indicated that consumers were less willing to pay for higher priced ebooks than for low cost ones.

ePubDirect Moves Office to Oxford (DBW)
The distribution service ePubDirect is growing and has relocated to Oxford to better accommodate its clients. Among the newer customers ePubDirect is serving: Random House Group UK and Australia, Osprey, the I~MF and Hot Key Books.

Celain Announces Its Aquafadas Web Store (DBW)
The Finish publisher Celain is among the first customers to launch an Aquafadas web store. Aquafadas is a Rakuten business and, as such, provides technological expertise to Kobo.

Digital Publishing Pros Weigh In on MatchBook (Writing On The Ether)
Experts from PaidContent, Bowker, The Atlantic and more comment on the Amazon’s new bundling program.

Simon & Schuster Not For Sale (PubLunch)
At this week’s meeting with investors, CBS CEO Les Moonves affirmed, “We have no intention of selling Simon & Schuster.”

In 2020 the Book Market Will Be 75% Digital (The London Book Fair)
That’s the off-the-cuff prediction of esteemed literary agent Margaret Hanbury. In her conversation with The London Book Fair, Hansbury also noted that raising author royalties on ebooks is an industry priority.

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