A Case for Ebook Bundling

shutterstock_77747602The publishing industry has been debating ebook bundling basically since the rise of ebooks.
A confluence of factors has made it difficult for most publishers to experiment with bundling in a meaningful way until now with the launch of Amazon’s MatchBook program. The initiative makes it easy for publishers to bundle ebooks with print books through Amazon.
The catch is that the tacked-on price of the bundled ebook can only go as high as $2.99, which may give some publishers pause.
However, if you look closely at the economics of ebook bundling, the $2.99 price point for bundled ebooks could work to add significantly to a publisher’s bottom line.
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Half of Russian kids are now reading ebooks, a new survey says. That’s about the same proportion as in the U.S.
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From a Guardian essay penned by famed author Jonathan Franzen: “Amazon is well on its way to making writers into the kind of prospectless workers whom its contractors employ in its warehouses.”
Kindle Cuts Price in UK (CNet)
The basical Kindle Fire model is now just £99 ($157.83), down from £129. All signs point to new models being released. Amazon is being hush-hush about it but some photos have been leaked.
UK Ebook Market Dominance (Good Ereader)
Nearly four out of five UK adults who e-read do so with a Kindle.
Tumblr Book Club (paidContent.org)
The first book to be featured on Tumblr’s new book club is Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. Rowell is a Tumblr user; other users are being encouraged to make posts about the book using a special hash-tag or by submitting posts to the book club’s tumblr page.
Iran to Take Ebook-Friendly Measures? (Iran Book News Agency)
Before ebooks can expand in Iran, they need to be better protected from piracy, one expert argues.
OverDrive Goes to China (Good E Reader)
Library ebook vendor OverDrive has signed an agreement with the China National Publications Import & Export Corporation that will bring its ebooks to the most popular country on earth.
Raunch Rating (WAToday.com)
An Australian imprint of Penguin’s is experimenting with ratings that gauge the sexiness of the books it publishes. It’s not the first to do something like this. Related: Has Fifty Shades Shifted the Line Between Romance and Erotica?
Ebook Effect in Korea (YonHapNews)
Stiff competition from ebooks and online book retailers is cutting into bookselling revenues for big box retail stores in South Korea. Sound familiar?
Bookless Library (KOSU.org)
The 3M Cloud Library is powering the BiblioTech Library in Bexar County, Texas, a no-print-book library that opened over the weekend.

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