3M Cloud Library Unveils Better Tools, More Titles

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3M Cloud Library Unveils Better Tools, More Titles
Catalog Acquisition Tool to be showcased at London Book Fair

3M Library Systems announces the launch of a new Catalog Acquisition Tool (CAT) for the 3M Cloud Library, designed to give librarians more features to help manage content and to make the buying experience easier.

Along with the new CAT, 3M has signed agreements with new publishers to continue building on its extensive and varied list of titles. New additions include Random House Mondadori, which will add to the service’s collection of Spanish titles, as well as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, including their strong list of children’s content.

“Our new catalog acquisition tool will provide librarians a great new buying experience,” said Matt Tempelis, global business manager, 3M Cloud Library. “With features for refined search, easy shopping, and quick purchase, our customers will be very pleased to see that this tool reflects their direct feedback.”

“Expanding our partnerships with publishers is part of our continuing effort to improve our eBook lending system,” said Tempelis. “The London Book Fair is a great opportunity to build those relationships and increase the availability of international content in the 3M Cloud Library.”

The 3M Cloud Library is exhibiting at the London Book Fair, April 15-17, visit stand U555 to learn more.

For more information about the 3M Cloud Library eLending system, visit 3M.com/Cloud.


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