Why Some People Hate Ebooks

Unfortunately, some people hate ebooks. While there may be nothing that can be done about that for now, it’s important for publishers and ebook retailers to understand why.
According to one writer for Business Insider who is not alone, the main things that get his goat are ebook prices. He thinks all ebooks should be priced under $10.
As long as consumers are able occasionally to find print books that are cheaper than their ebook counterparts, there’s going to be this kind of grousing.
While publishers and retailers should take note, they should also understand that people are very willing to buy ebooks priced over $10. If you look at the best-selling ebooks over the past few months, so many of them have been priced above $10.
What people say doesn’t always match with what they do. Still, it certainly helps to pay attention to what they’re saying.

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