Why Books Analyst James McQuivey Chose to Self-Publish: It’s Easy and Fast

In a lengthy blog post about his new book, Why We Need Dad (out just in time for Father’s Day), Forrester vice president and principal analyst James McQuivey delves into the reasons why he chose to self-publish when many of his clients are traditional publishers.

His reasons were many, but they all add up to two things: ease and speed.

Using the KDP Select platform, McQuivey published his book with just a few clicks and now has “attractive” control over pricing and promotion. Of course, he admits there are drawbacks, including being on his own for marketing the book and the somewhat limited distribution of KDP Select.

The book is on sale now at the Kindle store at a list price of $4.99 but will be sold at $0.99 today for a one-day price promotion.

Read more at McQuivey’s personal blog.


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