Who Discounts E-Books the Most? Today and Tomorrow

Discount SignAccording to an analysis by the Huffington Post, one e-book retailer undercuts the competition consistently when it comes to e-book prices: Amazon.
No surprise, but the story is more complicated than that.
Looking across over 100 popular e-book titles, HuffPo saw 15 instances of Amazon undercutting the competition and one instance of the competition being cheaper than Amazon. While Amazon has been aggressive at always offering the lowest price, it might find it difficult to continue to do that following the e-book price-fixing settlement recently approved.
The settlement stipulates that each retailer has to break even or make a profit on each publisher’s book of business. The implication is that if Amazon undercuts other retailers on one very popular book, it won’t have the ammunition to discount deeply on other titles. It should provide an opening for other retailers to wield price as a weapon of their own on selective titles.
We’re not seeing the effects of this yet, as only one publisher (HarperCollins) has signed a new deal with retailers following the settlement. When the other publishers have new contracts, it will be interesting to see what books are selling at the lowest prices at which retailers. Six months from now, this HuffPo analysis should look far different.

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