Week of E-Reading Helps Ugandan School Children Learn Reading Skills, Pronunciation

Worldreader, a non-profit organization that promotes e-reading and e-books in the developing world, recently lent e-readers to a school in Uganda for a week. The students, who had not been familiar with e-readers previously, took to them quickly. According to Worldreader’s blog, the experiment was a success, with students improving their reading skills and pronunciation.

The only gripe from the students? Give us more e-readers next time (An update from Uganda #WBD12):

Today is World Book Day and what better way to celebrate it than receive news like this.  Worldreader recently got a note from Bernard Opio, Project Manager at the HUMBLE United Methodist school. We’re thrilled to see that after only a few weeks after our launch there, so much reading is happening!  See for yourself below…

“I was very happy on the day when the students had the e-reader competition and evaluation of the week’s use of the e-readers.

These were general achievements that the students have got from the use of the e-readers;

1. The pupils have improved on their reading skill, since they do a lot of reading the stories during the time for reading.
2. They have improved on their skills of speaking English as they read and listen to their teachers. They have also learnt how to pronounce different words which they could not pronounce. Mercy Anyango could not pronounce the word ”cooperation”, “colonialism”, but she can now do so.

Read more of the findings at the Worldreader blog.


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