Webcast: Designing E-books for the New Tablet Reality, Fighting Distraction and Delivering Quality

A free webcast from Digital Book World, sponsored by Aptara.

Join us July 19 at 12:30 PM ET / 9:30 AM PT / 5:30 PM GMT for information on how tablets are changing e-reading and what you can do about it.

Registration for this event is past due. If you are a member or for more information on how to become a member, you can find the recording in our webcast archives.

Some 25% of all e-books are read on tablets, making this platform the new digital frontier for publishers. Industry analysts see the decline of dedicated e-reading devices as all but inevitable.

Tablets’ screen size and resolution present tremendous possibilities for enhanced, integrated content and a deeper reader experience, as well as potential distractions. E-books on tablets must compete with applications and activities, from Angry Birds to e-mail. How should enriched content be designed and built to compete in such a crowded environment?

In this FREE, one-hour webcast, we’ll engage in a fast, forward-thinking conversation about content development and management for tablet reading—and not a moment too soon.

Attendees Will Learn

— Tablet opportunities and obstacles: What publishers should understand about the platform
— What do tablet readers want?  Reader behavior and preferences in the tablet and mobile world.
— Engaging the reader to fight distractions.
— Managing the content life cycle to open the gate for tablet development
— Merging content with media; how to take advantage of the tablet’s capabilities


Bret Freeman, Director of new technology and digital solutions, Aptara
Tony O’Donoghue, UX lead for mobile apps, Kobo
Brett Sandusky, Product manager, Macmillan New Ventures


Anne Kostick, Foxpath IND

Who Should Attend

— Book publishers
— Content developers in the book publishing space
— Anyone involved in book-related development for digital platforms

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2 thoughts on “Webcast: Designing E-books for the New Tablet Reality, Fighting Distraction and Delivering Quality

  1. Christine Kent

    I will, hopefully, be tucked up in bed and fast asleep when this webcast is happening. I can find no information on recordings. Will you be recording this? If so, where will I find it?

    1. Jeremy Greenfield

      We are recording it and it will be available to DBW members several days after it airs. But it’s only free if you attend day of — so sign up and stay up! We’ll be happy to have you.



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